For Self-Insured & Employer Groups

The two bottom-lines in business are people and profit. Companies value employees as the core of their business operations, and understand that a healthy employee base makes sound business strategy. 

Yet even as employers aim to provide their employees with the most advantageous health packages, they are increasingly under pressure. First, the alarming costs of health care in the United States and United Kingdom threaten to compromise quality or coverage of health insurance plans. Second, employee-patients demand better benefits and global options with their growing awareness of current medical trends and increased engagement in their own wellbeing. 

At the crux of rising costs and industry pressure to attract and retain the best minds through enticing benefit packages, employer groups stand to substantially benefit from Medical Travel. Medical Travel, or obtaining health care treatments in foreign or distant domestic facilities, is a safe and affordable option for medical care that yields quality results. Medical travel's key benefits make it an ideal option for employers: cost-savings and price value, medical excellence and improved patient satisfaction. 

For employee-patients facing high-deductible plans and co-pays, medical travel assures economical medical treatments; immediate availability of procedures; access to state-of-the-art treatments that are not available where they live; and access to U.S.-trained physicians at fully accredited hospitals offshore. 

Veiovis GlobalAccess harnesses the advantages of medical travel and adds even greater value to its proposition, as a medical travel facilitator specializing in excellent health care management. 

Its extensive background in health insurance and clinic operations assures that your medical bases– pre- to post-procedure – are covered following the highest quality and ethical standards. A partnership with Veiovis secures a worry-free approach to health care and insurance paper work, as Veiovis takes the helm of the medical coordination process. With Veiovis, patients and their employers enjoy the confidence of knowing that their medical travel Case Manager will perform in ways that are measurably effective. 

Veiovis network providers span Asia-Pacific, Hawaii and the continental United States – a network that permits access to medical facilities both near and far. International accreditation requirements for each facility streamline the standards of quality and ensure employee-patients and their employers that services are comparable to those offered in mainland United States. Employers and employees find comfort in consulting with U.S.- or European-trained physicians and obtaining treatment at facilities with international-standard equipment and information technology, strict operational procedures and dedicated offices and programs for foreign patients. 

Navigating the medical travel terrain with the employee-patient is a role that Veiovis assumes for the employer. Veiovis Case Managers seamlessly coordinate all details concerning the employee-patient's medical itinerary, alleviating worry and saving employers both time and money in handling logistics. Additional cost savings are gained through Veiovis' outstanding relationships with travel and concierge partners, expanding the value proposition for employee-patients. 

A host of options, support services and coordination systems are available to employers and patient-travelers through Veiovis, expanding the reach of health care services for employers to fulfill and exceed their bottom line goals and their employees' expectations.