For Insurance Agents & Broker

Agents and brokers make it their business to understand the needs of corporations and employer groups, their primary clients. With shrinking budgets, considerable overhead costs, large employee bases and their complex needs to consider, agents are in constant search of superb health care value on behalf of their clients.

Veiovis places agents in a premier position to offer medical tourism as a complete health care solution, with its excellent cost savings, quality and service implications on medical treatments and procedures.

Through Veiovis' global network of health care providers, agents can offer economical first-rate overseas medical options against rising healthcare costs in the United States. Lower cost structures in countries abroad translate to affordable medical solutions. The globalization of education and information also means that these solutions are cutting edge and readily available, and executed by highly experienced and oftentimes U.S.-trained physicians. Accreditation by international bodies such as the esteemed Joint Commission International (JCI), International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) and Quality Health New Zealand (QHNZ) affixes the stamp of safety, satisfaction and quality of care on institutions and facilities in the Veiovis network.

The Veiovis brand is prime leverage in itself, with a stellar inherited legacy from TakeCare Insurance, a highly credentialed health insurance company selected by the U.S. Federal Employee Health Benefit Program as its sole Guam-based health insurance provider. Veiovis wields two decades of experience in health care management and clinic operations, fulfilling the most crucial requirements in facilitating medical travel.

Veiovis is built to orchestrate a world of convenience and value for medical travellers – a key advantage for employers and their employee-patients. Veiovis Case Managers bridge the distance between patients, doctors and hospitals to provide unparalleled personal assistance and connectivity, relieving employers of details and paperwork and securing time-and cost savings on logistics handling.

Agents tasked to see the big picture and the small details work best with a medical facilitator who does the same. The Veiovis Advantage makes the difference in support services, integrated communication systems, and a host of options for state-of-the-art overseas health care.