Patient Process Guide

A Patient's Walk-Through Guide

The Veiovis process is a fluid and fully integrated approach to medical travel. Veiovis' vision for comprehensive overseas health care outlines each step towards a patient's wellbeing, alleviating worries, preventing dissatisfactions and assuring transparency in all areas of travel and health care.

Every Veiovis patient is a priority patient. Our Care Coordination Process, facilitated by the Veiovis team of medical experts and travel partners, ensures highly personalized and constant service available from anywhere in the world. Personal Case Managers oversee the patients' best interests, liaise between patients, doctors, and hospitals, and connects patients to international travel and concierge partners.

With Veiovis navigating the medical travel terrain, every patient is guaranteed a global perspective, local know-how, a vast network of safe, reliable and expert provider institutions, and unparalleled care and compassion.



A Veiovis representative receives your initial inquiry and collects information about your procedure of interest, medical history, and general preferences, such as desired destinations and travel dates. After a quick online registration, you're ready to transfer your medical records.


The Veiovis Care Coordination and Medical Management Department collects and reviews all your records and documents. Headed by the Veiovis Medical Advisor and a Registered Nurse, the department assesses your needs and recommends a physician that is best suited to address them.


At Veiovis, we aim to build strong relationships with each of our patients. With your sense of comfort and security in mind, we can schedule a dialogue between you and the physician we've recommended.

Your approval of the selected physician leads to a dialogue between him or her and your hometown physician. To ensure the continuity of care, all your pertinent records, exams, and patient history are transferred and discussed.


Veiovis TrueAccess will only benefit or enhance a TakeCare Insured Member's benefits when utilizing the discount on over-the-counter products in the FHP Pharmacy and Vision Center. It is generally in your best interest to utilize your insurance benefits and rates over self-pay rates, even at a discount.


Once you've decided on a doctor and hospital, we assign you a Personal Case Manager to guide you from this point onwards. Your PCM's first task is to work with you to determine your specific travel dates. He or she also communicates with an In-Country Patient Advocate to map your medical travel arrangements in detail, coordinating a smooth and efficient medical journey even before you leave home.


We make all medical arrangements on your behalf, covering the entire spectrum of patient needs, from pre-flight to post-treatment care. This includes hospital check-in, facility room booking, tests and procedure scheduling.


For ease of travel and excellent rates, Veiovis can connect you with our international travel and concierge partners. Explore economical airline fares, a wide array of accommodations, ground transportation, and possibly a local tour for your companion.


Your Veiovis In-Country Patient Advocate welcomes you upon arriving in your destination. Together, you will review the itinerary for each day and discuss any additional needs you or your companion might have. The Veiovis ICPA also provides a brief familiarization of the immediate area – restaurants, services, stores, currency exchange, pharmacy, etc.

Your first hospital visit is a softened, supported arrival, as your ICPA would have made all arrangements beforehand and will walk you through all hospital preliminaries.

Throughout your stay, your ICPA remains in constant contact with your Veiovis Personal Care Manager back in Guam regarding your medical status and progress. This will enable Veiovis to start planning any necessary recovery period and home country aftercare for you.


Your In-Country Patient Advocate ensures that your release from the hospital goes smoothly. All follow-up post-operative visits to the hospital are scheduled, and your ICPA ensures that all your medical needs are facilitated while recovering in-country.

Upon your return home, you will receive a comprehensive case review and find that all your medical records have been transferred to you or your domestic physician for your scheduled follow up appointment.